Time to resume

We have all come to the realization that COVID-19 will be with us for ever and it will adapt and mutate continuously.

We have all learned how to carry on and conduct business in a face-to-face way via many different online discussion and meeting platforms.

Our hearts go out to anyone impacted by this catastrophic virus.

But if it has taught us anything it is to respect everyone who works in public and environmental health services, be they county or state health employees or sanitation service professionals or especially health care workers.

It should also have taught a hard lesson – that the devil is in the details and ignoring the scaffolding can collapse any structure?

And so we begin again to host this often tedious but oh so necessary arduous work of building the scaffolding and foundations on which future state wide rules for on-site wastewater will be crafted.

Please start at https://wp.me/PbSKmw-29 as we begin with the who what where and when- the under pinnings of how any statewide rules will be implemented.

The intent for emphasizing this section first is if the end result is to protect water quality and water resources in Michigan, by improving the oversight and management of all wastewater treatment systems, success will only be possible with a trained, regulated professional core of practitioners.

And these are the people who need an opportunity to have their say.

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