The Process

Using the Ohio Admin Rules as a starting point, the final goal is to draft a set of comprehensive Michigan Public Health Rules governing all aspects of non municipal wastewater systems _ and then present it as a precursor to eventual enabling legislation.

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Discussion will focus on the following, each section has its own discussion Board:

Regulation: Join This Discussion

  1. Training, Licensing, Certification
    a. Designers
    b. Installers
    c. Service personnel
    d. Inspectors
  2. System Components
    a. Certification
    b. ASTM standards
    c. NSF/ANSI Certification
    d.Maintenance Contracts
    e. Warranty
  3. Treatment Facilities
    a. Residential
    b. Community Systems
    c. Treatment plants
    d. Land application
    e. Commercial Waste

Enforcement: Join This Discussion

  1. Regional/Local oversight
    a. License to operate for practitioners
    b. Installation review
    c. Service Permit to Operate
    d. Inspector certification
    e. Regional Control Board
  2. System Components
    a. Definition of ‘performance’
    b. Order to remedy or prosecution
    c. Collection of fines and fees
    d. License revocation

Administrative Actions: Join This Discussion

  1. Appeals
  2. Variances
  3. Permit Revocation
  4. Injunctive Relief

Funding: Join This Discussion

  1. Statewide Budget appropriation
    a. Department of Health and Human Services
    b. Revolving loan/grant fund for repair or replacement
  2. Regional Components
    a. Collection of fees for permits, inspections and licenses
    b. Collection of fines and fees
    c. Responsible Management Utilities

This an open and transparent process designed to allow anyone to participate live or via online resources. If you have a mobile device or a computer or a conference room you can be part of this Rule making process.

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