Historical Background

What are the pros and cons of having a statewide set of rules for decentralized wastewater systems?
How can one set of rules apply to such a geographically, demographically, geologically diverse land mas?
How to rationalize and placate a wide array of special interests? Learning from the failures of the past can, hopefully, move us forward.

WasteWater Education has been involved in this process since the organization was founded.

Indeed the main reason the Joyce Foundation supplied the founding funding was to increase public awareness and regulatory advances in permitting of sound science based systems that contributed to the retention and recycling of Great Lakes Watershed resources.

All water is connected – land, aquifer and surface waters.

Merely moving the problem downstream has been the diluted ‘solution’ for far too long!

To view a chronological history of how we got to now visit our sister web site Wastewatereducation.info/

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