Rules of the Road: Civilized Conduct Required

Please read and acknowledge below

As one of our Board Members recently said – consensus either works brilliantly or fails spectacularly!

For consensus to be arrived at – eventually – everyone will have to concede something.

This process is designed to be the exact opposite of all the attempts that have gone before.

veryone has a voice.

Everyone has a say.

Everyone’s comments and thoughts will be recorded. 
Just don’t expect everyone will always agree with you (:? or that your opinion should carry more weight than anyone else’s.

  1. Come to this process with an open mind and an embedded sense of humor PLUS a willingness to listen.
  2. The following rules apply to what you write and post on this forum as well as in the live online meetings.
  3. Anyone who disrespects either the process or other participants or is intolerant or abusive will be removed.
  4. Be prepared. This means being sure you are ready to log in and go to work.
  5. Be respectful of everyone’s time. If you need tech assistance call us at 231 233 1806 or contact Adobe Support at  We won’t be able to do tech support once the meeting has begun.
  6. Please install the Connect App – just in case – and run the pre meeting checkup before each event please by clicking here
  7. By default all mics will be muted till we get underway, please mute your phone lines too to prevent echoes and feedback loops.
  8. A noise cancelling headset would be most appreciated! This will allow us all to talk with each other at the same time.
  9. If you are hosting a larger group in an open meeting room please toggle your mic on and off when you want to speak and designate one person to be the note taker/input person.
  10. Again – please be respectful – and know if you start to mouth off we can take away your Chat and mic privileges ! (We are sure you all know people you wish came with an on/off toggle switch too (:?
  11. Each meeting will have a set Agenda – please come prepared to address that section. If we start to get detoured, or a particular thorny issue takes precedent, we will poll the attendees – do you want to stop and talk about this or schedule a stand alone meeting just for this?
  12. Also – if a smaller group want to meet to work on a specific topic let me know and we can open the room for you.

To remind everyone – the point is to:
a) decide what an OSTS administration rule covers
b) decide who does what
c) decide who it covers
d) decide how it gets done.
Please remember we won’t be including the following phrases:

  • We tried this in ……
  • This didn’t work in ….
  • This will never work!

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